Kidical Mass’ second Sheffield event is set to take place this upcoming Sunday, as adults and children come together to call for safer streets within the city.

Cyclists will meet in Endcliffe Park at 1pm before making their way to Charter Square, via Ecclesall Road.

In calling for safer street provisions, organisers hope that the event will lead to children being able to travel more independently.

This is part of the international Kidical Mass movement, which has seen similar rides in cities such as, Manchester, Inverness, and Brussels.

Despite the campaign’s important message, the event intends also to bring joy to those participating and, organisers for this event are encouraging people to decorate their bikes and wear Christmas-themed fancy dress.

While events are directed at making the streets safer for children, this event welcomes all ages and encourage anyone who wants to see safer infrastructure within Sheffield to attend.

Becky, from Sheffield’s Kidical Mass, said: “If our streets are designed to be safe for kids, then they become safe for everyone.

“Joining the Kidical Mass rides is a fun way for people to send a message to our politicians.”

This follows the success of the previous Sheffield event, held in September this year, which saw 160 people join the ride.

Issues with Sheffield’s cycling routes, particularly for children, have also been recognised outside of the Kidical Mass movement.

Active transport advocate, Dr James Smith, said: “Getting kids into active transport earlier in life means they continue that through into adulthood. But I think loads of people in the city at the moment wouldn’t consider letting their kids cycle very far except in a park, they’re too scared because there isn’t the infrastructure to support them doing that.”

The event intends to highlight the need for safer road infrastructure, particularly around schools, and has subsequently welcomed the attendance of local politicians.

Participants are welcome to bring bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards, as long as they are in road-worthy condition.

Marshals will be supervising the front, back, and sides of the ride and first aiders will be on hand throughout the event.