A Duty of Care

With an estimated 100 students dying by suicide each year, Parliament will soon debate a proposed statutory ‘duty of care’ for those struggling with mental health issues at UK universities. What could it look like, who could it help, and why is it urgently needed?

Disability versus Accessibility

Disabled people in Sheffield claim the city acts as a barrier for them to safely get around. We investigate the problems they face across the city.

A game of two halves

While investment and coverage of the WSL is growing, young aspiring female footballers are being left behind. We look at the troublesome situation the women’s game faces outside the sheen of its top layer.

Strokes in Young People

Young stroke survivors from across the UK have been speaking out about misdiagnosis with migraines, uncommon symptoms and delayed treatment. Now they are calling for a change in the way strokes are diagnosed and for greater awareness of symptoms in young people.