For the first time in over 20 years Sheffield FC are returning to the city with a brand new state of the art stadium.

The oldest football club in the country will share the site with Sheffield Eagles RLC.

The proposed stadium, which is aiming to be ready for autumn 2025, boasts a capacity of 5,000 and will be located in Meadowhead, on the same site as the former Sheffield Transport Sports Club. The proposal also includes a plan to include a club museum for Sheffield FC.

Richard Tims, Sheffield FC’s chairman, said: “This is about being proud of the region’s sporting heritage and making it a hub for sporting excellence and community engagement in Sheffield and the South Yorkshire region.”

Sheffield FC have been forced to postpone matches due to bad weather at their current ground in Dronfield, including a game yesterday, against Ashington AFC, following a waterlogged pitch.

Fan, Philip Staton, 70, of High Street, said: “The ground is always flooded. You wouldn’t believe the amount of games that are called off.”

The proposal for the new Home Of Football Stadium features artificial turf, which would make the pitch resistant to wet weather conditions.

The proposed new “Home Of Football Stadium” Credit: Sheffield FC

The current ground is just south of Sheffield’s county border with Derbyshire.

Sheffield FC fan and club historian, Andrew Dixon, highlighted the importance of bringing the club north into Meadowhead, and back to the city.

He said: “Crucially, we will be back in Sheffield. I love Dronfield but it doesn’t feel right for Sheffield Football Club to be playing in Derbyshire.”

Mr Dixon also compared the similarities between this stadium switch and a previous one made by the club, leaving their old site on East Bank Road.

“For well over a century, the club led a nomadic existence, playing at several grounds. So securing our own home was essential to the survival of the world’s oldest club and I hope that the next move will see some success on the pitch. We’re definitely due some after the last few years,” he said. 

 Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park Community Stadium, currently home to Sheffield Eagles Credit: The Star

Sheffield Eagles will celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2024 which will coincide with the new stadium project.

The Eagles currently play in the Rugby League Championship, the tier below The Super League, which is the pinnacle of professional Rugby League and a division they haven’t played in since 1999.

“There will be more facilities, a gym for players, an indoor supporters club and bar, the ground will be developed and it’ll allow us to push for the Super League. For us, there are no negatives. We’re beyond excited. It’s something we’ve wanted for a very long time,” said Eagles fans, Kate Peat, 54 and her husband, Alan, 52.

Despite the plans for the Meadowhead site exciting some fans, others are worried about the travelling implications.

Mark Webster, 41, of Ellenbro Road, who believes having a ‘Super League standard’ stadium is essential, said: “There’s one negative and it’s a strong one. The lack of public transport links to Meadowhead.

“As a non-motorist, it’s going to be difficult to get home after games. It’s ideal for motorists, and there are buses from the city centre, but they’re not very frequent, but I’m sure this is something the developers will address.”

Sheffield FC and Sheffield Eagles have announced that full planning permission will be submitted early next year.

They have also invited the public to two meetings in which they will discuss the plans in more detail. The first on Tuesday, 28 November, and the second on Wednesday, 6 December: IMPORTANT: PUBLIC CONSULTATION EVENTS | Sheffield FC