The council has promised to ban advertising that has a “harmful influence” on people “who are already in a more disadvantaged position”.

Sheffield City Council announces plans to improve advertising across the city by banning the promotion of unhealthy brands. 

The new proposal is imposing restrictions on advertising unhealthy food and drink, gambling, alcohol, vaping, and fossil fuels. 

Zak Viney, the organiser of Green New Deal Rising, said: “The disproportionate placement of adverts in areas of high social deprivation seems like a bad joke.

“No one ever asked for a plague of advertising on our streets, promoting over consumption in an age of economic inequality and climate breakdown. It’s time Sheffield addressed this issue”.

The campaign group, Adfree Cities, has helped to bring the council’s attention to the problems with adverts in Sheffield. 

The group’s research has shown that 32% of outdoor ads in Sheffield are placed in the five most deprived areas of the city.

Credit: Adfree Cities

As car and flight companies will also have their advertising banned, the council hopes the policy will have positive environmental impacts. The council hopes these restrictions will reduce polluting vehicles and align to the steps being taken to achieve NetZero. 

The proposed policy only covers what can be promoted on Council owned assets and land. However, it will not regulate decision making around applications for new advertising structures, which are governed by national planning regulations. 

A resident from Burngreave, Annie Feetham, has expressed her concern about the kinds of adverts the council is allowing to be displayed. 

She said: “Advertising has become so ingrained into our communities that I often don’t consciously acknowledge that I have seen them, but they have an incredibly negative impact on our mental well-being, influencing our thoughts and behaviours and distracting us at every turn.”

Sheffield City Council prides itself on listening to public opinion and adapting policies to improve the lives of the city’s residents.

Miss Feetham said: “Sheffield Council has a bold history of leading change. As the city undergoes a host of redevelopment and transformation projects, I hope they take this opportunity to creatively imagine a better city.”