Residents have called for the restoration of a once beloved community garden that has fallen into ruin.

The land at the top of Cobden View Road is currently owned by a developer, who was given permission to build on the land in June 2022.

Despite this, the garden has been fenced off, graffitied on and used as a fly tipping site, leaving locals concerned for its worsening appearance. 

The land also had an alleyway that locals would use as a shortcut between Cobden View Road, Crookes high street and towards Westways Primary School which is now inaccessible. 

A shop owner on Crookes highstreet, who has been in the area for 16 years, says she remembers when the area was used for a community project where locals and volunteers would tend to the garden. 

She said: “It was very pretty and tidy, it had grass, shrubs and flowers. It should be restored to what it was.

“People were very angry about it because it was a beautiful garden that has been destroyed.”

Joanne Cutts, 56, a gym owner has lived in Crookes since birth, she said: “It’s an eyesore, anything would look better, it looks horrendous.

“All they’ve done is stick a crappy fence up and it looks awful.”

Ms Cutts hopes it will be made into a park with some benches as it once was.

Laura Oates, 37, a florist has been in the area for 12 years, she said: “There’s been a lot of talk about it – it would be nice if it was a garden for dog walkers.”

Locals continue to discuss the future of the garden and hope that the community space will be restored.