Dragrace UK winner Lawrence Chaney will perform her show in Leadmill this Tuesday.

The show called “Overweight and Over It” is a call to body-positivity, self-appreciation and self-confidence.  

Through the show, Lawrence will discuss life as a queer, plus-sized person by showing unknown aspects and battling stigma.  

Jephthah Ekogiawe, LGBT+ Officer at the Students Union of Sheffield said: “ Body image is something many students and members of the LGBTQ+ community struggle with and I think students seeing the show sends the right message that their success does not depend on the “body type” they have.”

Often called an “icon”, Lawrence Chaney denounces this trend of people body shaming others without even realising it.

This show can help students to understand how others can feel, and can help themselves to feel more confident and comfortable with their sexual identity and physical appearance.