Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone has come into place this morning, meaning that drivers of the most polluting vehicles will be required to pay a fare. 

Certain polluting vehicles that drive in the Clean Air Zone, which covers the inner ring road, parts of the Sheffield Parkway A57 and the city centre, will be subject to a daily charge. 

This means older taxis and vans will have to pay £10 to enter the zone, and £50 for older buses, coaches and HGVs. Private cars will be exempt from this daily charge policy. 

Sheffield City council’s website states: “This is a class C chargeable zone for the most polluting heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), light goods vehicles (LGVs), vans, buses, coaches and taxis that drive within the inner ring road and city centre.” 

The clean air zone was introduced in hopes to tackle the estimated 500 deaths per year that are caused by air pollution.  

Signs have been in place around the city, warning drivers about the incoming rule change and marking out where the zone begins and ends.  

The roundabouts at major junctions are not included, meaning vehicles travelling towards the city centre can circle around to avoid the charge.

There are some exceptions and extensions to who might need to pay the fee. 

The council also said: “If you or your business is based in Sheffield or Rotherham, and runs LGVs, then you could be eligible to apply for a temporary exemption until 5 June 2023. 

“If you own a Hackney Carriage taxi licensed with Sheffield City Council you will not be charged until 5 June 2023 – the exemption will be set up automatically.”

Sheffield becomes the ninth English city to tax drivers of older diesel vehicles to improve air quality, after the implementation of similar programmes in Newcastle and Gateshead.

With nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the city exceeding legal limits for years, the government urged Sheffield to install its new clean air zone to minimise pollution.

You can find a full, comprehensive list, of the vehicles which need to pay the daily charge here.