Live: Latest updates from Sheffield & Barnsley Local Elections 2023

Barnsley: Old Town – Labour hold

Steve Dankerfield – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 56
Jo Newing – Labour 1069
Gillian Nixon – Green 231
Patrick Smith – Liberal Democrats 125
Charlotte Sykes – Independent 263
Clive Watkinson – Conservative 313

BREAKING: Sheffield to remain no overall control

There is no change in Sheffield.

Barnsley: Kingstone – Lib Dem gain

Jusy Barnsley – Independent 99
Peter Giles – Green 109
Roger Haw – Conservative 71
Tracey-Ann Holland – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 33
Kevin Williams – Labour 640
Philip Wright – Liberal Democrats 688

Barnsley: Darton West – Labour hold

Kevin Bennett – Liberal Democrats 118

Simon Biltcliffe – Yorkshire Party 274

Trevor Raymond Cave – Labour 978

Bee Lokkit – Conservative Lee 302

Adrian Long – Green Party 690

Sheffield: Graves Park – Lib Dem Hold

ATKIN, ThomasGreen Party800
BALL, Liam GeorgeTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition113
GARRATT, Christopher PaulThe Conservative Party432
MAHROOF, MohammedLiberal Democrats2228
MOUNT, Amy FrancesLabour Party1981

Sheffield: Fulwood – Lib Dem Hold

BUNN, JohnTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition78
KILLEYA, Matthew Robert HalwardLabour Party1810
LEWIS-CRESER, DylanGreen Party752
SANGAR, Andrew PaulLiberal Democrats3427
SAUNDERS, Christine MargaretThe Conservative Party500

Sheffield: East Ecclesfield – Lib Dem Hold

KELLY, BridgetLabour and Co-operative Party1633
LOMAS, Harry JohnTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition102
O'BRIEN, OliverThe Conservative Party500
REISS, RobLiberal Democrats1741
TREVILLION, RosieGreen Party263

Sheffield: Dore and Totley – Lib Dem Hold

GILBERT, Bridget RoseTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition53
LOWE, Joanne MaryThe Conservative Party963
OTTEN, JoeLiberal Democrats3744
RIDLER, Dominic MilesLabour Party1159
WHYMAN, BexGreen Party759

Birley councillor “elated” over re-election

Birley councillor, Denise Fox, says she is "elated" to have been re-elected in Birley ward.

This comes as Labour continue to look strong as results begin to roll out despite the initial drama over the council leader's resignation.

Cllr Fox said: "I'm elated, it's great to see that the people have confidence in me and want me to continue to work in their ward and be their councillor.

"There are a lot of people that are struggling right now with the cost of living and I hope that we can do all we can to help them"

With that said, speaking on whether she would have liked a Labour majority, Cllr Fox has also spoken about the difficulty in negotiating with other parties due to the lack of a clear majority in the council.

She added: "There are a lot of things that have gone wrong in our city that are out of our control."

Barnsley: Royston – Labour hold

Jennifer Barker – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 58
Michael Barraclough – Conservative 272
Neil Fisher – Independent 366
Jonathan Paul Hood – Liberal Democrats 97
Pauline Mary McCarthy – Labour 1132

Sheffield: Ecclesall – Lib Dem Hold

FINNEY, Elizabeth RachelThe Conservative Party502
GILBERT, PeterGreen Party2680
JOHNSON, Jemima JaneTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition101
MARKHAM, LisaLabour Party1676
MASTERS, Barbara WieslawaLiberal Democrats3400

Sheffield: Walkley – Labour Hold

DAVIDSON, JohnReform UK158
FRANCE, Isabelle AmyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition162
MCCLEAN, LauraLabour Party2769
MILLWARD, EvelynThe Conservative Party271
PURVIS, AlexLiberal Democrats358
ROUTH, AshGreen Party1767