Live: Latest updates from Sheffield & Barnsley Local Elections 2023

Barnsley: North East – Labour hold

Raymond Archer – Independent 462

Ruth Booker – Labour 1069

Tony Devoy – Yorkshire Party 188

Kieran Oldfield – Liberal Democrats 79

Samuel Wilkinson – Conservative 205

Sheffield: Nether Edge and Sharrow – Labour Gain

BENNETT, BevGreen Party2437
CHAPMAN, John WestleyThe Conservative Party277
JOHNSTON, HollyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition175
LYNCH, ChrisLiberal Democrats519
ULLAH, IbbyLabour and Co-operative Party3072

Sheffield: Mosborough – Lib Dem Hold

CHAPMAN, GlynisLiberal Democrats1788
FINNEY, Mark ThomasThe Conservative Party497
HOWARD, Joseph DanielTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition105
NICHOLSON, Samantha HeatherLabour and Co-operative Party1546
WHITE, Julie AnneGreen Party215

Sheffield: Hillsborough – Green Hold

BARNSLEY, Patricia JeanThe Conservative Party447
LINDARS-HAMMOND, GeorgeLabour and Co-operative Party2032
MALLINSON, TobyGreen Party2434
SAPWELL, WillLiberal Democrats263
SMITH, RoryTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition106

Fox resignation “shouldn’t be surprising”, councillor says

As the count for the Sheffield local elections continues, the news of Terry Fox's resignation "shouldn't be surprising", a councillor says.

The news followed the leak of a report criticising the council's handling of the tree felling scandal.

Douglas Johnson, the councillor for City Ward and speaker for the Green Group, said: "It shouldn't be a real surprise in the light of the real damming report and the scathing way the council went about dealing with the tree felling in Sheffield."

He says he had expected the announcement to take place after the election results had been published, but that Cllr Fox's resignation was "much better for the city" as it forces the political parties to work together.

Cllr Johnson added: "Terry Fox was, to many people, the very soul of the old Labour that wanted to run Sheffield in a very authoritative way for many years.

"It's almost like it doesn't matter what happens today — the structural change is irreversible."

Meanwhile, Labour Party councillors have been silent regarding the resignation and have not agreed to speak about it.

Barnsley: Wombwell – Labour hold

Donna Marie Cutts – Reform UK 235

Brenda Eastwood – Labour 1426

Robert Welton Green – Liberal Democrats 159

Debbie Toon – Conservative 233

Sheffield: Stocksbridge & Upper Don – Labour Hold

CHINCHEN, DavidThe Conservative Party1791
DAVEY, Amanda JaneLiberal Democrats295
GROCUTT, Julie AnneLabour Party2678
PRYSTUPA, PatriciaTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition48
WILLINGTON, DavidGreen Party390

Sheffield: Woodhouse – Labour Hold

BRAGG, ChrisGreen Party290
CRAPPER, Joshua AndrewTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition140
EDWARDSON, Charles PhilipLiberal Democrats293
NORRIS, Alison JaneLabour and Co-operative Party1706
SMITH, Anne CatherineThe Conservative Party643

Sheffield: Stannington – Lib Dem Hold

BAKER, PennyLiberal Democrats2783
EBENEZER, Seun AbbeyLabour Party1247
KIMBER, MattyGreen Party498
SIMPSON, RobertTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition80
WOOLLARD, BenThe Conservative Party706

Sheffield: Shiregreen and Brightside – Labour Hold

DALE, Dawn Joy LynneLabour and Co-operative Party1621
GILBERT, JoelGreen Party300
LEEK, Diane WainwrightLiberal Democrats228
STEANE, Zoe MichelleThe Conservative Party514
UGHETTI, BenCommunist Party of Britain66

Sheffield: Richmond – Labour Hold

HUNT, LukeGreen Party304
HURST, Dianne LesleyLabour Party1666
KUS, BrianReform UK248
ROSS, Susan ElizabethLiberal Democrats289
SMITH, Andrew MarkThe Conservative Party569
STATTER, Susan JaneTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition112

Sheffield: Beauchief and Greenhill – Lib Dem Hold

BISHOP, MaryLabour and Co-operative Party1505
BLACK, GillGreen Party454
BYATT, Leah AmyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition68
DARBY, ScottThe Conservative Party379
REILLY, PeteReform UK180
SHAW, Richard Craig ThomasLiberal Democrats2207