South Yorkshire Police (SYP) have stressed the importance of adequate Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) maintenance and drivers not exceeding set hours behind the wheel. This comes after random checks last week exposed low standards.

Alongside the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, SYP stopped a total of 14 HGV’s and two LGV’s last week. Of these, one of the HGV’s stopped had a flat tyre, and another was overloaded with excess cargo.

Further, two drivers had exceeded their driving hours.

Roads Policing Inspector Matt Collings said: “When you have stood in front of a victim’s loved one and told them of their loss, you realise how every effort is needed to make people think about their actions.

“Those in larger vehicles such as HGV’s and LGV’s have to adhere to laws around driving hours and weight as it affects judgement, stopping distance and the safety of everyone else.”

SYP identified inaccurate loads, poor maintenance and tired drivers as increasing risks to innocent road users.

This comes as SYP join seven other forces across the country to launch ‘Operation Freeway‘, using unmarked HGV’s, provided by National Highways, to tackle unsafe driving on the M1.

The operation is focused on drivers failing to wear seatbelts, using a phone while driving, and failing to control their vehicle, among other offences.