A group of disgruntled Sheffielders have held the latest in a long series of protests over what they see as a failing postal service.

The group have been holding weekly protests outside the Sheffield South Delivery Office in Woodseats Road, since June.

Kate Billington, founder of Save Our Post, Save Our Posties, started the group after going nearly three weeks without any post in May.

She said: “Never have we paid more for a stamp and yet never had we received a more appalling service from Royal Mail.

“It feels like our postal service has been reduced to a game of chance.”

The group supports the postal workers and place the blame on the Government

Miss Billington said: “Many are now feeling distressed and so demoralised with the slashing of staff numbers and unreadable workloads imposed on them and feel they can no longer carry on.”

A number of staff from the depot showed their support for the protests by honking their horns and coming down for some food and conversation.

Leah Byatt, a social carer, 29, said: “Our posties are at an all time low. They were getting a lot of abuse and people were blaming them for the issues with the post.

“The government have let the service dwindle over the years and ever since it’s been privatised it’s just got worse and worse.”

Earlier this year the depot reduced its opening hours to 8am-10am, and the community feels both residents and postal workers deserve better.

Miranda Allen said: “You’re paying for something you’re not getting, if this was any other company they’d be getting investigated, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone taking responsibility.

“We like our posties and we know our posties and we want to support them as well.”

As the group came together to sing songs and share festive treats, along with some of the postal workers, Miss Billington said she was delighted at the turnout.

She said: “It’s a little bit surreal and I’m probably a bit sleep-deprived and I’ve been up late having ideas and making banners.

“It’s great to see these people here, it’s a popular cause and I think once people realise Royal Mail has been privatised we generally get people in agreement.”