Parents searching for a toy T-Rex or a pair of Pterodactyl pyjamas, have been given a lifeline thanks to a Sheffield dad.

Looking for a bargain for Christmas is a regular occurrence for many households, and Mark Edlington’s interest in dinosaurs could help people looking for anything dino-related this year.

Before his son was born, Mark noticed he was accumulating dinosaur toys, books, and clothes. Having had an idea for a price comparison website for a while, he opted for the prehistoric.

He said, “When I started to notice these dinosaurs absolutely everywhere, I realised it would be the perfect niche for my site.

The sheer volume and variety of products available made it perfect for the price comparison model I was looking at”

He was made temporarily redundant just over a year ago, and this helped to kickstart the development of the site.

He said “This Christmas seemed like a great target to set myself. It was far enough away that it would be possible, and yet still a big challenge to make it happen”.

The eye catching site provides a catalogue of items including toys and games, books, Christmas items, home and garden, and clothing.

There are also facts, figures and information about dinosaurs on the site. Mark hopes it will draw people in for more than just the price comparison.

He said, “In the long run, I want it to have something for everyone. From school kids needing information for homework, hardcore dinosaur geeks looking for information about certain fossils, to parents and grandparents looking for inspiration for gifts”.

He’s also looking to expand beyond the web. Trained in animation and game design, he wants to put those skills to use.

He said, “I do have a pipe dream of creating a spin-off children’s cartoon from it and maybe a computer game or two”.

There is more information at