Sheffield’s supertram could be extended to Sheffield’s hospitals as it embarks on a new era under public control.

South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard is exploring routes to Stocksbridge and even Chesterfield “with potential for more such as connecting to hospitals”.

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority took over last month from private company Stagecoach after 27 years.

Coppard, at the time, said: “Today is a historic day for South Yorkshire; it’s one small step for the tram, but it’s the first step in our journey back to a public transport system that puts people first, connecting our communities and helping us to build a bigger and better economy.”

Plans to build a new station at Magna in Rotherham, which will service the neighbourhoods of Blackburn Meadows, Templeborough, and Deepdale, are already in place.

Labour Cllr Alan Rhodes took to X and voiced his opinion on the initiative.

He said: “An excellent idea. Anyone who has had to use any of the city’s hospitals, especially if they have travelled from outside Sheffield knows how difficult the parking situation is.

“This will make a huge difference to patients and staff.”

[Source: @CllrAlanRhodes on X]

The authority is currently canvassing views on how the Supertram can be improved and where it should prioritise expansions.

While the larger investments are long-term, in the short term this has already provided benefits including a new Supertram app and a promise to deep clean all shelters and stops within its first 100 days in charge.

It has also started the ball rolling on refurbishing all trams by 2027 and introducing a new fleet by 2032.

Coppard is determined to give people more freedom and choice in the way they travel and move across the whole of South Yorkshire.