A midwife and mother-of-one has been left feeling ‘vulnerable and anxious’ after her e-bike was stolen from a cafe on Union Street.

Freya Priest, 45, was attending one of the intergenerational drumming group Five Rivers Rising’s weekly practices at the Coworking Cafe on the 16th of November, when four males wearing balaclavas entered the property and stole her bike, worth around £1,300.

They also stole another another member of the group’s bag, which contained their laptop and passport.

The incident was captured on camera by Theresa Nelson, a resident of nearby Berona House. 

Ms Priest, who used her e-bike to get to work, said she felt grateful for Theresa’s help, stating the only reason her insurance company agreed to pay for the theft was because she had the recording.

This was the second time her bike has been stolen, and the third claim she’s had to make. She now feels that Sheffield is uninsurable for e-bikes.

Despite the negative impact of the crime, Ms Priest has felt supported by the community in Sheffield.

“It makes you feel vulnerable and anxious, but I feel utterly supported by the social networks I have in Sheffield.”

After the theft, she received a lift home from members of the band and found a new friend in Theresa, who comforted her and spoke with the police. 

She also said that the band had fundraised to help the student whose bag was stolen, with the group bearing the ‘collective burden of loss’.

The police confirmed that they had attended the scene after reports of a burglary at 8.51pm. They conducted CCTV enquiries, but have not made any arrests. 

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said: “In terms of advice, we would signpost people to our website. 

“We have a dedicated page on how to keep bikes safe: https://www.southyorkshire.police.uk/find-out/crime-prevention-advice/bike-safety-and-security/

“The advice includes which locks we recommend you use when securing your bike and what equipment you need.”

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call 101 and quote incident number 911.