Domestic abuse survivor and campaigner, Claire Throssell, is holding a free event to “get people talking about domestic abuse.”

The End Abuse Together event is taking place on 8 December at the St John’s Community centre and aims to arm women with the knowledge and information they need to take action against gendered violence. 

Ms Throssell said: “I wanted to do an event in Penistone, in my own community and bring my own community together to understand domestic abuse.

“This event is aiming to break down all the barriers and get people talking about domestic abuse.”

Ms Throssell, who lost her two sons, Jack and Paul, after they were murdered by their own father, has been an active campaigner since 2014.

Her work has included helping to pass the Domestic Abuse Act in 2021, which included broadening the definition of domestic abuse in law. 

She said: “It’s too late for Jack and Paul but I don’t want any parent to have to hold their children in their arms as they die knowing it’s because somebody wanted to hurt them.

“Children are gifts. They bring colour to people’s worlds.”

The event is a part of the 16 Days campaign that has events taking place across South Yorkshire.

When asked about the importance of the event, she said: “The more people that learn about domestic abuse, the more empowered they become.

“If just one person comes away from this event and realises that a family member, or a friend, or themselves are suffering from abuse and they take away the knowledge of how to make the situation better or take action to change their own life then its been a worthwhile event.”

Event Poster. Credit: IDAS

The event is being held in partnership with the Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), who provide support to those in Yorkshire that have experienced or been affected by any form of domestic abuse or sexual violence. 

IDAS will also be sharing information at the event about the various schemes and campaigns that are available to help victims of domestic abuse.

This year, IDAS are sharing 16 stories for the 16 Days campaign. Each personal story focuses on a different type of domestic abuse faced by women across the UK.

The Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives petition can be found here.