People in Sheffield can have their bike fixed for free at Park Hill flats, as part of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival.

Big Bike Revival provides funding for events designed by community groups and not-for-profits organisations to increase cycling skills and confidence in people who are not regular cyclists.

They have reached over 700,000 people since 2014.

Tom Mutton, 35, is a self-employed mechanic working with Cycling UK to deliver these sessions.

He said: “There’s a lot of hardy cyclists in Sheffield.

“The fact that it’s so close to the Peak District, I think that’s in its favour massively because there’s a lot of people who get out to the Peak District to go riding.”

This Saturday and next, he is running completely free ‘Dr Bike’ and ‘Learn 2 Fix’ sessions held in the main lobby of Park Hill flats for anyone in Sheffield to attend.

The Dr Bike sessions run between 9am-3pm in the form of 20 minute bookable slots where you can drop your bike off with Mr Mutton to have a basic assessment to make sure it is safe to ride.

Park Hill, by Ruby Watson

Afterwards, participants are given a written report outlining any issues the bike owner might need to address.

Between 3pm-5pm, Learn 2 Fix classes will take place for people to spend time getting to know their bike and how to look after it.

These sessions are bespoke and participant led based on areas people want to learn more about.

Becky Greenwood, 36, has had her bike fixed twice by Mr Mutton. she said: “I don’t have a car, it’s how I get to work, It’s how I get everywhere.

“It’s amazing because some people cycle because they can’t afford a vehicle or public transport’s too expensive.”

She lives in Gleadless Valley and said she relies on her bike because in the evening only one bus comes every hour but doesn’t have the time to .

In October, Big Bike Revival secured a £4m funding boost from Active Travel England, ensuring it will run until March 2025.

Cycling UK chief executive Sarah Mitchell said: “this significant new funding will enable us to spread the benefits of cycling to even more communities, improving health and wellbeing and saving people money in a cost of living crisis.”

To book your place at either Dr Bike or Learn to Fix, email