Beauty’s Legacy has earned the backing of celebrities and has been at the forefront of the fight against pet abduction, an issue that has torn apart families.

The birth of Beauty’s Legacy can be traced back to Lisa Dean and the disappearance of Beauty, her beloved cat, in April 2016. Frantically searching the streets, Lisa mobilised a community effort, with 41 people joining the cause in less than a week.

After offering a £150 reward, she received a call from someone who had her cat. Hours after bringing her home, she tragically passed away.

Lisa’s cat, Beauty. Source: Lisa Dean

This experience fuelled her determination to help others facing similar crises. The charity has since gained a celebrity following, with Chris Packham, now patron, shedding light on the issue through a Sky documentary. Claire Balding has praised her “determination, bravery and commitment to the cause.”

According to Lisa, pet abduction is not just theft; it’s a crime that inflicts severe financial, physical, and emotional shock on the victims.  

She said: “There is no measure for the emotional impact it can have on a person, and you cannot just, simply, replace an animal which you have an attachment to in the same way you can replace a personal belonging.

“The law needs to change – low risk, high profit,” says Lisa, pointing out the alarming fact that, despite the emotional devastation caused by pet theft, there has been only one prosecution.

Criminals can make up to £2,000 per stolen puppy, making it an attractive venture for those involved in crime rings.

The most common route for dog trafficking is the A1, making it much harder to track down and recover them. Lisa advises people to widen their search area as soon as possible. 

During the lockdown in 2020, crime rings shifted their focus from traditional criminal activities to dog theft, capitalising on the increased demand for pets. 

In a 2021 study, Trading Standard Scotland reported that the illegal puppy farming across Scotland alone is estimated to be £13m.

Lisa states, “It’s not theft, it’s abduction. You can’t measure worth, value, or impact.”

Beauty’s Legacy has been recognised for its outstanding efforts in combating pet abduction, earning Lisa the Special Recognition Award at the Animal Star Awards. 

As Lisa and hundreds of volunteers continue their fight, they hope to bring about legislative changes to protect the beloved pets that bring immeasurable joy to countless families.

Appeal for missing pony in Grenoside, Sheffield.