A resident in Sheffield has claimed that there is currently only one accessible allotment in the city for disabled people.

Norma Smith, 67, claims Burncross allotments is the only site that she would be able to use, as she is disabled.

Ms Smith regularly attends physiotherapy for fibromyalgia and arthritis, claiming it is up to Sheffield City Council to change the accessibility of allotments in the city.

She said: “Nearly all of the allotments in the city are unwalkable and inaccessible for me to get to. 

“I have to get my husband to drive me to the closest possible spot to the entrance as I am unable to walk very far on uneven and dangerous paths.

“Another main issue is that most of the people who deal with the allocation of allotments are unfriendly; I am seventh on the list for an allotment but I see spare ones getting overgrown every time I go.”

Sheffield City Council state they manage over 3,000 allotment plots on over 70 sites, but with only “some” designed for disabled people.

They also say they can “create accessible plots at some sites when needed.”

Ms Smith stated the problems occurring in allotments in Sheffield include inaccessible parking, limited car space, lack of wheelchair ramps, unsafe roads and damaged paths. 

On top of the existing physical issues of the sites, Sheffield City Council charges three times more for hiring an allotment than neighbouring committees such as Doncaster.

To use an allotment for the year, Sheffield charges from £80 to £100, whereas Doncaster charges around just £20.

Ms Smith claims the allotment in Hag Hill, Rivelin, has a side road that could be used, with many spare allotments going to waste as it is inaccessible for gardeners like her.

Allotments like Endcliffe Student Village are physically accessible, but are privately owned by the University of Sheffield and therefore unavailable for the public to use.

Ways to make allotments more accessible include raised beds, wheelchair friendly tables, and more seating around the site.

Sheffield City Council have been contacted for comment.