Despite voters having just learned about Terry Fox’s resignation as leader of the council, the information had already been embargoed for “at least a week,” an opposition councillor has claimed.

The announcement came earlier today following a report criticising the council about their approach to the tree felling scandal earlier this year.

When asked about this information, Liberal Democrats leader and spokesperson, Shaffaq Mohammed, said Sheffield Labour had already known about it for “at least a week”.

He added: “He’s been thrown underneath a bus, but he’s not the only one that was there when it all happened.”

Having embargoed the information until only after the votes for this election were cast, has resulted in criticism regarding the national Labour Party’s trust in Sheffield Labour.

Cllr Mohammed, added: “If I was a Labour voter yesterday, I’d be scratching my head thinking ‘what on earth have I voted for’, because those people have no power anymore.

“I’m now going to have to resist labour bureaucrats from London coming to Sheffield and telling us what to do when they have no democratic mandate whatsoever.”

This comes as the Liberal Democrats increased their presence in the council after gaining 11 seats as opposed to the last election’s 9 seats.

In the meantime, the Sheffield Labour Party will be placed into special measures until a new leader is found, placing into question the ability and power of decision-making of councillors in Sheffield.