South Yorkshire’s premiere basketball team centre Marcus Delpeche played against his twin brother Malcom Delpeche in the twin’s derby.  

Sheffield Sharks took an unfortunate defeat last Sunday at Ponds Forge, with a 65-73 loss against the Bristol Flyers.

The Sharks finished 7th in the regular British Basketball League season, with Bristol Flyers taking the win and securing their place in 3rd. 

Marcus said: “I didn’t get to play much in the fourth quarter. I was trying to support the team, but overall I was happy. 

“I missed a couple of free throws that I was annoyed about, but overall it was ok.”

When asked about the upcoming playoffs, he said he felt good about future games, but the loss against the Flyers was a reality check: 

“It shows we have a lot of holes that we need to work on to bounce back.”

Bennett Koch scored early in the third for Sheffield, but Bristol held their opponents scoreless for four minutes, creating a 14-point advantage.

Bristol’s Malcolm Delpeche was able to create push back opportunities and create a 10-point gap at the end of the first.

He said: “We wanted to finish the season strong and have momentum going into the playoffs. 

“It’s nice to end the season with three wins in a row, and we have finally found our stride holding the Sharks down to a low margin in the first quarter.”

When asked about the win against his brother, he said it was tough but someone had to win:

“Best of luck to the Sharks in the playoffs. We may end up playing them again, but for now it is what it is.”

The home leg will take place on Friday 28 April, with the Sharks’ away game at Leicester’s Morningside Arena on Sunday 30 April.