Much-loved Theatre Deli officially reopened with a new Sheffield venue today, offering a space to emerging artists in the city. 

On Arley Street, its new home is within a specially refurbished office building consisting of three rehearsal studios, a performance space with a capacity of 100, and a bar and café.

Producer Miranda Debenham said: “It’s so important for there to be small scale, accessible spaces for theatre outside of London. 

“London has quite a large number of venues like Theatre Deli, where people who are early in their careers or who are just making work that is not suitable for the Crucible or the Lyceum spaces to be able to put their work on somewhere and also to be able to rehearse somewhere that is affordable and accessible to them.”

The refurbishment of the venue has been funded via a grant and a loan from the Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund. 

Daljinder Singh, Executive Producer for Theatre Deli, said: “We are delighted to be opening our new venue to audiences soon. Throughout its existence Deli has been an important partner for artists looking for support, space and the room to innovate and create.

“Our journey of discovering and repurposing disused spaces now takes us to Arley Street. In the coming months we look forward to welcoming artists, companies, and community change makers through our doors and into our spaces.

“Theatre Deli Sheffield is an integral part of our region’s cultural landscape and we are excited to converse and collaborate with our brilliant creative community. We look forward to seeing you soon.“

Tickets for MAD(E) by Mandala Theatre from 21st- 25th March 2023 will be available to purchase from