Dorothy Pax, a city centre pub, has set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of keeping their ‘community-spirited’ music festival running for free this summer.

The three day festival is set to start on 21 July and will be held at Heeley People’s Park.

Richard Henderson, 50, the managing Director of Dorothy Pax Ltd, said: “I think it’s great for people’s wellbeing to get together, attend a free event, and enjoy some great free music.” 

So far, the appeal has raised almost £2,000 towards the £10,000 goal.

Mr Henderson said: “The people who have donated are absolutely amazing. They have not only given a gift to us, but to the people and community of Sheffield. 

“It makes us feel acknowledged and recognised for the good work all the artists and crew at the Dorothy Pax do.” 

The total cost to run the event will be around £85,000, with the £10,000 going towards the sound production.

There will be many local food and drink vendors at the event and about 20 performers across the weekend, with the first line-up set to be announced on 7 March.

Last year, the event attracted about 9,000 people, but this time Mr Henderson is expecting around 15,000.

Dorothy Pax offer over 120 bar shifts to people who want to get experience, as well as hiring a local stage, and employing three sound engineers.

Mr Henderson said: “It really is a community endeavour.”

To those who wish to support the cause without sending money, Dorothy Pax is eager for volunteer litter pickers and stewards to take part on the day.

Contact the organisers on

To donate to Pax in the Park, visit their Gofundme page.

Video: Dorothy Pax