The first piece of abstract art has appeared in Firth Park as part of Sheffield City Council’s Economic Recovery Fund.

The art, which was created by colour theory artist Bryan John, will hopefully bring more people to the area and increase foot traffic into the nearby high street.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr John said: “Sheffield city centre has a very long history of street art, so its good to see some more areas get some.

“It will bring pride back into the community. Instead of looking at graffiti people can look at some beautiful artwork that was made for them.”

The artwork is due to be joined by further pieces in the coming weeks, all with an abstract theme.

The local artist, based in Millhouses, designed the abstract art based on colour theory and colour coordination.

Commenting on the project, Sheffield City Council said: “The Economic Recovery Fund is a grant fund supporting work to improve local high streets and encourage residents and visitors to spend their time and shop there.”

“The fund has already been successful in other areas of Sheffield, such as an eye-catching planting scheme in Broomhill.”

Grants are aimed at supporting high street businesses who have proposed that funding from the council will increase the amount of people who visit their area.

The council are offering grants of up to £200,000 for similar projects across the city.

More information about the fund can be found at Economic Recovery Fund | Sheffield City Council.