The great-great nephew of one of the founders of the oldest football club in the world, Sheffield Football Club, has funded and produced a book about his relative in collaboration with a prominent local historian.

Colonel Geoffrey Norton said that the book had been “well received”, with over 70% of the copies produced having been sold so far since its launch at the start of this month.

The book details Colonel Sir Nathaniel Cheswick, who founded Sheffield (now Lindrick) golf club, travelled Europe and served in the military, as well as being a co-founder of Sheffield F.C. in 1857.

Colonel Norton said: “It is not just about football, but about Nathaniel himself and the world in which he lived.

“When he was born in 1831, the population of Sheffield was 91,000. When he died in 1917 it was over 400,000, and he had witnessed the transformation of Sheffield from a town into a City.” 

The launch of the book was attended by Colonel Norton, where he gave a copy of the book to Sheffield’s Lord Mayor Cllr Sioned-Mair Richards.

The historian Stephen Johnson used journals of Sir Nathaniel which were donated to the city archives in 2021 by Colonel Norton to write the book.

It is titled “I have established a Foot Ball Club”, the famous words that Sir Nathaniel recorded after founding Sheffield F.C.

Copies produced are selling well, and there are still some available. Those interested in purchasing a copy should email Colonel Norton at

The book is £10 for collection and £14 including postage and packaging.