Ofgem have announced they will drop the cap on the amount energy suppliers can charge households, yet the annual bill is still going up by almost £1,000 this year.

The average annual household bill will rise from £2,100 to £3,000 in April.

Sheffield resident Marwah Habib, 18, said: “I think this government is in shambles. Some people can’t buy a cheeseburger and now they are expecting people to pay another grand for their energy bills. It’s a bit mad.” 

In January, the price cap was £4,279, but will now drop to £3,280.

University student Marshall Nixon, 20, said: “It’s just gone up too much. As students we can’t afford anything we’re doing. Rent is £6,000 for a student house, student loan is £9,700. £700 for food for a year is not reasonable or possible.”

With the cost of living crisis, some locals are shocked by the announcement.

One Sheffield man said: “Considering what they’ve made in profits it doesn’t seem right in this current climate. I think we should divide the wealth.”